• Material: Surgical stainless steel


Transfer for open cuvette

It is an element destined to transfer the exact position of the implant, from the patient to the working model of laboratory. The technique to be employed is the taking of images with perforated cuvette.

This transfer is employed in most cases.

  • Implant analog + Supra-structure analog + Screw guide

Series 3

  • TCDIR3 (thread 2 mm)


Series 4

  • TCDIR4 (thread 2,3 mm)


Series 5

  • TCDIR5 (thread 2,3 mm)


Series 6

  • TCDIR6 (thread de 3 mm)


Transfer for closed cuvette

Employed in cases when the patient has a very limited mouth opening or when work is made in the rear areas of the jawbone where it is practicable impossible to adjust screws of conventional transfers or to loose them, once image was caught. Images have to be taken with closed cuvette.

  • Implant analog + Supra-structure analog + Screw guide.

Series 3

  • TCC3 (thread 2 mm)


Series 4

  • TCC4 (thread 2,3 mm)


Series 5

  • TCC5 (thread 2,3 mm)
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