Micromotor MT 6000F

It has been designed with special care, offering an attractive and ergonomic aspect. On its liquid crystal screen, you can see all functions of the equipment.

Simply, versatile

The unit includes pre-set programs which show the different stages of the treatment with implants. No need for complicated choices; just press the button indicating the number of the program and all will be set.

  • 5 user – programmable memories (Pre-configured programs can be easily adjusted to other individual requirements)
  • Programmable speed depending on the used contra-angle (32:1, 20:1, 16:1, 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:5)
  • Screwdriver function (low speed & automatic torque control for screw implants)
  • Adjustable torque on the screwdriver function (5 – 60 Ncm)
  • Wide speed range (200 to 200.000 rpm depending on the contra-angle used)
  • System SEE (Peristaltic Pump)
  • Four-speed peristaltic pump (60-220 ml/m)
  • Maintenance free brushless (BLDC) micromotor 

Free-hands function!!!

The equipment is fully operated through the pedal.

1 Year Warranty


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